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Although all of these words are accurate, I like to think of myself as more of a sharer of wild tales, a storyteller illustrating the events passed and present, of hillarious stories and incessent ramblings. When in all seriousness I am just someone who doesnt know when to stop talking, a constant noise in the background, the chatter of meaningless random words playing in the corner . . . the person you try and block out when you're head is pounding and you just want SILENCE!

However for a select few out there I am entertaining to some degree, so if you're up for a bit of a giggle, the latest slice of juicy gossip or some mind numbing drivel, grab you're cuppa, put you're feet up, and join in on the gab, you're more than welcome!

- Ash

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Whats that over in the corner there? . . . Oh, whoops!

Long time no blog I hear you say . . . . I know, I am horrible, I have neglected our friendship, left my poor little blog to gather dust bunnies and spiderwebs in the corner . . . and I am truly ashamed

I guess you have been wondering what has occurred of late!

I will sum things up in a brief, yet informative, bullet point listing of the goings on since I last graced your humble screens with my blabbering;

  • I moved to The White Horse in Bearsted, Kent. Lovely charming village, great people, I quite enjoy the lifestyle in Kent, as it is the aptly named 'The Garden of England', and all it has to offer and have been working a 'colourful' 50 hours a week

  • Have become quite the bookworm during the absence of my sister AND a television, quite enjoying the silent pleasures that reading has to offer and if my calculations are correct I should now personally own 3/4 of Waterstones

  • Christmas and New Year were rather flat and tiresome, their first occurrence since leaving the family in Oz and they just didn't quite fulfill their hype . . . firstly it was not WHITE, there was no snow whatsoever! The festive season mainly consisted of work, work and more work, followed by serving other families whilst they enjoyed the festivities together and the grand finale of ringing in 2012 during a 14 hour shift, serving the population of Bearsted copious amounts of booze whist being 40 miles away from your Best Friend/Little Sister - Joyous!

  • Decided I was going to undergo the pilgrimage back to my homeland in February to visit my family, friends and loved one for just over a month. Resigned from my position at The White Horse and got myself all excited . . .  however upon looking at the finer details, pulled the plug a few weeks from leaving and decided to move back in with the soul sista in Brentwood instead to save money for traveling at the end of the year (to be honest I seriously need to move closer to Hayley May anyway, just to prevent myself from turning into an expressionless mute due to complete and utter loneliness and lack of social stimuli)

Well - there you have it!

And what am I up to now you ask? Well considering I am technically unemployed, I am on the search for what I hope will be a 'real job' one that will not consist of constant back breaking physical exertion and strings of never ending split shifts for a pathetic hourly rate . . . 

W I S H .  M E .  L U C K

I am also in the midst of planning our European Extravaganza that we hope will kick off in mid July! How very exhilarating!!!

Stay posted for updates on the job hunt and the quest for the ultimate backpacking adventure - not to mention the big move back to B-Wood, Valentines day and My 24th Birthday are all just around the corner . . . . and Im sure their dials are all set on "SHOCK AND AWE" (or atleast on "FREAKING AWESOME", if im honest, our life hasnt seemed to cater for anything less than that so far and im sure that wont be changing any time soon)

Love you all big time, long time, phong time!

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