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Although all of these words are accurate, I like to think of myself as more of a sharer of wild tales, a storyteller illustrating the events passed and present, of hillarious stories and incessent ramblings. When in all seriousness I am just someone who doesnt know when to stop talking, a constant noise in the background, the chatter of meaningless random words playing in the corner . . . the person you try and block out when you're head is pounding and you just want SILENCE!

However for a select few out there I am entertaining to some degree, so if you're up for a bit of a giggle, the latest slice of juicy gossip or some mind numbing drivel, grab you're cuppa, put you're feet up, and join in on the gab, you're more than welcome!

- Ash

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Coffs Harbour Lock up you're Children!!

I was just cruising around on my good old facebook when I came across a rather disturbing status update from one of my old school friends. . . 
"Can everyone in coffs plz keep an eye out for a 13 yr old girl wearing school uniform her names shanAe henderson she never went home from school today"
now, not only is this concerning on its own but what was worse is this is an ongoing issue currently plaguing Coffs Harbour parents, there have been sightings of a mature aged gentleman in a Green Barina who has been lurking around local primary schools trying to lure children into his car  . . . . WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? If they have an accurate description of the guy AND they know the car's number plate - why have they not caught this guy already??

If I was one of the people who witnessed this I would have been at his car window wielding a large steel pole and beating his creepy face into a pulp . . . . . . . Deeeeeep Breath Ashley

annnnny way, on a more positive note - my facebook also gave me this - a very strange advertisement, which I loved, so Im sharing with you

Loooofa Loofa Looofa - Oh yeahhhh
Im off to have a shower xx

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