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Although all of these words are accurate, I like to think of myself as more of a sharer of wild tales, a storyteller illustrating the events passed and present, of hillarious stories and incessent ramblings. When in all seriousness I am just someone who doesnt know when to stop talking, a constant noise in the background, the chatter of meaningless random words playing in the corner . . . the person you try and block out when you're head is pounding and you just want SILENCE!

However for a select few out there I am entertaining to some degree, so if you're up for a bit of a giggle, the latest slice of juicy gossip or some mind numbing drivel, grab you're cuppa, put you're feet up, and join in on the gab, you're more than welcome!

- Ash

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sharing my precious Phat Gay Kid

A few months ago I found something on YouTube that provides me with an endless supply of laughter whenever I require it, and no, (as much as they are hilarious) Im not talking about funny little kittens playing with shadows or laughing babies . . .

Im talking about "Phat Gay Kid" - yes you read correctly, he has dubbed himself Phat - With a P.H Gay Kid  "mmmmhhhhmmmmmm" and its "not for the haters"

I dont want to keep you in suspense any longer, but before you hit the play button I suggest you take a little potty break - to save the embarrassment of little accidents of the wee wee kind . . . .

Drumroll please people . . . .

Phat Gay Kid - You're up!

I know - amazingly funny, right?

As much as I almost wet myself every time I watch it there is that certain cringe factor that comes into play . . . Is this kid being serious? Does he really live his life as this person? And how many others are out there? I am now on the mission to find more of these unique Phantastic (Yes, with a P.H. lets be serious here) characters floating about in the worldy webb

Please guys if you come accross one to add to my collection, please hit me up, send me the link!

Chat soon  "mmmmmmm hhhhmmmmmm"

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